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Agustina Paz

Following my blog post about the Catalan singer-songwriter-composer Maria Rodés and her album "Lilith", this second post features a 'cantautora' who hails from Norberto de la Riestra in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. I was first introduced to singer-songwriter (and restless pianist) Agustina Paz on one of those balmy Bandcamp Fridays . One listen to the opening track of her latest album, "La Fuerza" and it was obvious that this was an artist whose music I really needed own, especially as there was an offer on her Bandcamp back catalogue ... An offer which I hasten to add, it would have been rude - and foolish - to refuse… So those of you who bother to click the album link in this post might notice it takes you to iTunes (Apple Music to be exact). It's just that a few days after buying the album, I received a very apologetic email from Agustina saying that the album had been released in error and had been taken-down. But now the al

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